Te gustan las pupusas?

I had to look up what exactly are pupusas and so i found it’s a sort of tortilla (that’s how we’d call them here in Perú)
So it’s a yes <3 (specially if they have meat inside oh god) …… … katancita what are you planning …

Richard Armitage: dwarf training, BTS of “The Hobbit”. 


One page in new fanbook(¯﹃¯)


One page in new fanbook(¯﹃¯)


Some gorgeously animated .gifs from Flex. I highly recommend you check his stuff out!

  • Me: *sees book store* *looks to friend* *shuffles towards bookstore*
  • Friend: no.

SONG: UnknownEl Tango de Roxanne
ARTIST: UnknownEwan McGregor, Jose Feliciano & Jacek Koman
ALBUM: UnknownMoulin Rouge Soundtrack
PLAYED: 17379 times


76/100 days of music

El Tango de Roxanne - Moulin Rouge


More concepts for Black Sun, this time the feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, who serves as the protagonists main companion.


Here you see the very rare instance in which Tom is not articulate and seems to be rather drunk. Please note the band-aid on his forehead and his inability to stay on topic 


Frodo was given a cookie for being dragged across the Shire

He tries. he tries all the time.


Not safe for work? Let’s be real what in here is safe for work in case your boss finds you out

Fall 2014 RTW | Samuel Cirnansck


hufflepuff values loyalty and fairness and friendship and hard work and drive and determination and love and acceptance and kindness and if that sounds shitty to you then get out